What are your hobbies?

hello helloooo,

long time. I know i know…Well multi-tasking with life is not as easy as they put it out there. But ofcourse, i will never miss an opportunity to update the blog, catch  up with the comments etc.

BTW i always approve ALL comments within a span of  24hrs…48hrs max at the top. That end of multi-tasking hasn’t withered off 😛



Anyways, what are your hobbies. Winter is knocking on the doors. What things that make you happy will help keep the cold away? What do you do indoors?

Been working out on and off all my life, and I’m on the on bit again, trying to bring that high back. Been trying to run as well unfortunately very seldom when it was warmer…It’s a shame that the mojo is now kicking in full throttle when it’s getting colder.

Went out for a run yesterday after a long while, did a mere slow 4km, but felt good. I wonder why i was all lazy in the summer when the perfect opportunity (read weather) presented itself! I might try again next weekend if it wont be as cold but i know the time has past. I’m also not a gym person and i unfortunately don’t own a tread mill. That would have been something eeh?



I’m into indoors training. That works for me. Do any of you guys try that? If so what kind?Wait, do you excercise at all, Or what do you do to stay fit? Would like to know.

Please share your views and ideas on hobbies and/or on what to you do to pass the winter season.


Till next time ❤



Parenting Abroad?


While in Kenya or just at home(depending on whichever country one is) the dream of living abroad has always been the big deal. Imagining life sailing all smooth, no worries about nothing, no dust in the air=no eye problems, breathing fresh air, perfect healthcare,education, a system that actually works, where you see where the taxes you pay go to…life just being simple and easy. Maybe marrying a rich guy, giving birth to a football team and being a stay at home mom(dad)-taking care of the kids and the house, dressing up and looking nice even if it’s just for the house and having no worries whatsoever in the world.  You know..all what people think adulting is. Until reality hits!

Not to sound pessimistic but how is it for people living abroad(majuu). I would really like an honest answer about this. How do people run their homes. Especially living without other family members(from your side) or just without a help(nanny). How do you share responsibilities at home. At least back home we are spoilt with either having siblings to send around or help with house chores or to help with your errands (i used to enjoy doing that for my older siblings for a lil pocket money here and there) But come adulting and then add living abroad to that, where these ‘luxuries’ are non-existent. How do you cope.

As you obviously know I have small boy(19 months old today-yay) who is super active! Hanging out with him is super fun but at the end of every day I retire to bed completely exhausted. Taking care of him and then taking care of other house chores, or chasing appointments(his or mine) then add up other chores, add up you also want to go shopping and checking out what’s cool and trying out stuff(before he gets fussy). Then maybe trying to go out for movies or stuff, that you used to do before the baby came? How do guys do all these now.



Then come chasing a career. Finding that job firstly may be a challenge-even without kids. Although very possible, finding it first may be tricky. Then come being a parent and wanting a career. The first questions that pop. Where will you leave the baby. If you have able parents-in-law, that is an advantage. But then again, you still have to run and pick the baby after work-depending on how far apart you live from each other. Now those who do not have relatives nearer or just anyone who can help with the kids. You are lucky to get a Tagesmutter or a kindergarten in your area(what a nightmare). Then working fulltime. Therein comes another challenge. In my area they mostly take kids till 3pm. Work goes on till 5.Before you leave work and get to the baby?Worse still if you depend on public transport which may either have delays or the next connection may just be a while before you get there on time? Pfff

Then come the other house chores and it brings me back to my earlier question. How do people share responsibilities at home? After a working day for both of you, who goes to the kitchen, does yesterday’s dishes if they are still there or cooks, does the house?Help the kid with homework, clean up the house, wash the baby or do laundry/ironing, clean the toilet, vacuum the house, dust the Vitrine and all the Oberfläche, take the bins out, water the flowers…i bet you get the drift now.Who does all that? How do you share responsibilities at home. Do we have cases of one partner having worked a lot at work and therefore needs to rest when s/he comes home-but then again both of you are from work, so no one is more beat than the other? How do guys do it? How do you split chores? Do you have a timetable? Or how do you get things done-cos they have to be done!

Back home you would get to the house and have the nanny with a sparkling house waiting with food for you. Maybe even argue with her/him for having the house not sparkle yet he/she has been with your baby all day and done all chores, and, and, and..that endless list of chores. How do people abroad manage all that?

Was a stay at home mom for a while and I was ever exhausted. Oftentimes i would be asked how/why i was ever tried yet I’m just at home? I truly came to appreciate the roles our nannies play and all other stay at home moms/dads. I would really love to meet a stay at home dad and hear if their experience is the same. Or the working mom.

Stay at home parents do ALOT! These are superparents.Having the house done and a thriving kid(s) all at the same time is hard work. Then add homeschooling for those who have chosen this path. It’s not easy.

I remember thinking that maybe I should have waited a bit with having my son and maybe chase career and all that development stuff that i really wanted to achieve before i finally settle for parenting.Now that I’m in it i know that i will still have to experience it .Regardless of whether it’s delayed or current. The same struggles are the same. The good thing of being a young parent(of course I’m still young even if i turn a year older next month) is you have the energy to do a lot of things with the kids that are also fun for you..or I’m i justifying it..hehehe think i am cos really, one has no choice? One must just find baby friendly places!



Parenting is definitely not easy. And no, not just for me. I have interacted with a couple of parents during the baby groups and miniclubs I attended and it hasn’t been any different for them either…ofcourse not for all. There are many who make it look like it is very easy..those I would  really like to have a sit down with and get to hear their views.

So if you have first or second-hand experience on this, please do share. How do people do it? Stay at home moms, whether as an ausländer/ausländerinnen or a native or in Kenya,. Future parents too!Those lucky enough to have an aupair, or those who are aupairs, how is it in your homes?I’m really eager to know how y’all are doing it. Please share so we can all get tips cos we all just MUST thrive!

Till next time, enjoy your days 🙂









The Reload

Hello dearies,

first of all, heartfelt apologies for having neglected this blog for a while.Loads and loads happening and so fast. But i believe now is the perfect time to get back to blogging.

How have y’all been?New comers, how are your first days going? What are you upto?

Wa kupotea mulipotea wapi and if so how did you get your way back?

Any recent and exciting developments?What are you upto?

Whats pissing you off?What challenges are you experiencing so far?

Summer’s coming.What plans do we have?Are we going to choma meat from Turkish kiosks all summer long? And drink cold sekt through out bumping to reggae mixes by dj kalonje 😀 or who do you guys listen to?? Or what are you currently reading or watching

Let’s build the convo and get to know each other. Who knows, we just might be neighbours!


Los gehts!


So, as we had earlier danced around the idea of having a forum where we can discuss about our new lives in the towns we have relocated into. I tried to open a forum but wordpress needs me to upgrade to a premium site to allow forums. Since that’s impossible, guess this should suffice.


Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces, Brühl

I would recommend for guys to share their experiences in their new towns, their first impressions, what they like or not so far. What’s so different from home? How do you see yourselves living here for the rest of your lives, etc etc.  You can also tell us alittle(or alot) about your town, send pics also of interesting or strange things you come by as you go on with your daily lives. What German musicians do you like, if you are into music like myself(see my top fave german songs on the comment section), tv shows or programs, football, have you caught up with the football craze?If so which teams do you support? Or gaming? (Is it me or there’s an obsession with gaming on this end?) Christmas markets are soon opening. They officially open here in Duisburg on the 23rd of November.ooh i can’t wait for Glühwein mit einem schuss Amaretto. (Do you like your Glühwein mit oder ohne schuss?If so,which one?) Please attend and share your perfect shots:)


dortmund city centre ( Can’t rem the name)


Let’s feel free to discuss anything and everything under the sun (dark winter clouds).

Also, we can use this site (forum) to share advises, tips, encouragements, ideas on what to do to get by, just to uplift each other to get better and to easily get by in the foreign land we’ve chosen to live in.


Tiger &Turtle, Duisburg


los geht’s, twende kazi, lets go 😀 😀


ps, don’t mind the pics, just put them up to spice up the post 😉


Also. talking of tips, found this Kenyan youtube vlogger who does videos in German, full of life and very interesting. She’s just starting out with a couple of videos already on, i believe she will be doing more, in German, as we go on.  You can pick a thing or two from her 🙂 Check her page out!

Hooray!My Son turns One

OMG!! How time flies yo! Can’t believe it has been a year. A year of raising this beautiful soul, handsome fella who’s brought us nothing but pure joy…Joy so fulfilling that i never knew existed.



Mothering has been one hell of a journey. In all honesty, i really dint know exactly what i was getting into before getting pregnant. I thought it was a simple and easy ride, right? Wrong! Most of the guys i saw who just had kids seemed to have it all together, everything seemed easy and i thought, damn, if they did it who can’t. But i guess i was only seeing what my eyes wanted to see. The eyebugs and ashen skin cos of sleepless nights were all there but still they had the same rejuvenation to take care and mind their babies.


My hurdles started from the very beginning. A couple weeks in i got mastitis 😦 I remember i had to sit for the B1 exam i had been attending classes for during my entire gestation period. It was to take only  some hours. I woke up pretty early to go to my friend’s to ‘revise’ before sitting for the paper. Initially it was all ok but then my boobs kept getting heavier and heavier, but at the time i didn’t really understand the ‘gravity’ of the situation…with all the pun. When i got back home in the evening i could not even touch my boobs, They were that painful, and still heavy. I tried to express some milk out on the sink but the pain was excruciating. When he(Noah) finally came home from the grandparents’, he was too beat he breastfed abit and passed out. I had a long night! Later in the night i got some crazy ass fever. I woke up to change his diaper. I first felt weak when i lay him on the changing table, but kinda ignored it for being sleepy. Soon as i was done and carrying him back to our room, my hands and feet were completely feeble. Thank God our flat wasnt so big and the rooms weren’t far apart cos i just could have dropped him on the floor. I threw him on the bed before i fell. Thank God i aimed well,hmmm The dad woke and wondered what was up. i Din’t even realize i was burning . My temps were way up there.We rushed to the hospital and i got admitted.Stayed in for a couple days. At this time i also had chapped nipples, so breastfeeding was hard considering i was exclusively bfing at the time and i coun’t avoid it to prevent further engorgement.Wueeeh! To say i was suffering would be an understatement. Thank God the nurses had to massage it out every time they came to check my temps-man!A nurse pal of mine had mentioned that she attended to someone who had engorged boobs that were oozing out worms and that her boobs had to be drilled to ease  the engorgement. This gave me the frights man, that it could actually reach this level! Must say I learnt the tough way. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

The following months were ok. The sleepless nights were a norm. Ofcourse i would never get used to them. I honestly can’t exactly remember the last time i  slept through the night. I remember when i was preggars and was being asked to keep the fone away and just sleep cos when the baby comes i will never get to sleep. Well, now i understand exactly what they were saying. Once when i almost crashed and the granny took him for a sleepover and i celebrated on how i was finally going to sleep through the night uninterrupted. Well, thing is, he left early morning so again my boobs were full all day, i spent most of the day on the sink expressing out milk even though they still felt sore at night. For fear of a repeat attack, i ended up waking a couple of times just to try and clear it out…In essence, i didn’t really sleep through..again. Lols

In Cologne after thoroughly being rained on

There are days, when he is completely needy (rightfully so) especially when he has a growth spurt..new tooth here or something. Then he gets all uneasy and won’t want anyone else to carry him. So we end up stuck looking at each other, having not slept at night, completely beat. Those are crazy days. I’m actually glad that the dad can take him for a drive or just to go, for a couple of hours so i can just sit, alone..without him..just to breathe. Although i then end up missing him after a while and just sit and think about him…i can’t quite explain.

Thank God for kids’ section in the library 😀

This year has been one quite interesting ride. A totally new experience that i got in quite green and don’t regret at all. Ofcourse there are days we sit with hubs and wonder if we should have waited abit, explore the world abit, just live abit, freely, but just the thought of doing life without our lil man is unfathomable. We just can’t live without him. We will get to do all these things in future, with him, when the time is right. For now we shall enjoy each and every little second we have with him, no matter how trying it can be.

Sometimes he does these small cute  things that just melts our hearts making us laugh hysterically till we crawl on the ground. This one time he was holding out a fone and putting it around his ears and we were wondering what it was he was trying to do. He actually watches what we do and apes us. He was trying to make a call. Lols. We thought he was little to understand these. Or when we are watching a random show and guys are applauding on the other end and he starts laughing and clapping back, lols.Too too cute or when you sneeze and he tries to say bless you, hahahah. I could go on and on,but i must say Noah is such an adorable and cute guy. He has taught me alot.Most importantly to be patient. I’m not exactly there, but i have learned just to chill and take it easy.

We can now make calls yo 😀

I pray and hope that he will grow up to be a good person. Mindful of others and having respect for everyone regardless of where or whatever background they have, not to be mean and most importantly  to love having a bath/showering like he does now 😛


DSC_0285 (1)

To many more kleiner man ❤ ❤


We finally moved houses. We have been living on an apartment on the 5th floor. Initially it was all great, loving the ‘pent house’ view of the entire area, but then after a while when the real work started, climbing all the way up with stuff von Einkaufen, drinks, (I’m i the only one who can’t quench her thirst with sparkling water?) Then with my 10kg+ son on the other hand… Meeh, twas becoming a hurdle. I was really looking forward to the move. We were lucky to find a flat on ground floor, Über excited because that means it is easy to just wake and go wherever without actualy thinking about the stairs!

We started to slowly pack up boxes since August, and whenever either of us was going down, we would carry a box or two down. Lucky enough supermarkets give out carons for free so again that was dope. I must say that was one of the most brilliant ideas we ever had,(starting with the packing early) cos it was not exactly a breeze on D-day but we had few things to struggle down with. Thats a tip i could recommend for everyone. (Was gonna say a tip i would carry to the next move, but i hope we won’t have to move again, atleast not in the recent future. ) Moving is a bitch! It’s just exhausting..having to pack and unpack..then having all the clutter that you don’t want to throw away…stuff that in honest sense you don’t need but still holding on to…I have lots of those. I just hope i can one day find the will to discard them off.



On the flip side, getting to paint the colors you desire is a good thing. I have been living on pintinterest to get some ideas on the colors and the decor.Will slowly be filling up the house with tu cute cute things once we are completely settled and all the boxes emptied and the clutter, read rubbish, thrown. Noah’s room has to be one of my faves. It has come out so nice and cute, exactly how i envisioned it to be…I might actually be the one chilling and spending my days there. The rest of the house isn’t exactly fixed yet but we will slowly but surely be getting there.





Sad that Autumn is getting here. I find it to be one of the most depressing seasons of all time. With all the leaves falling and trees losing their beautiful leaves…drizzling almost everyday and throughout the day  and not seeing the sun for a long damn time..a little ray of the sun being the only thing closest to the sun to look forward to. Then having a cold and a running nose most of the time…meeh, not sure i’m looking forward to that. All in all, glad we enjoyed the summer, we shall overcome this also and Carpe Diem!







Now, in an earlier post, i had recommeded to form a forum of some sort where we could all be catching up, those also relocated to Germany like myself or those yet to come or just whoever, to discuss how life is here, share ideas and tips on getting by especially in the duller days and also just on other days, gossip and just talk about whatever. I have been looking around wordpress on how to form a forum but unfortunately i have to upgrade my site to business, and pay for it. Well…that would be great but yea…i’m not quite consistent with this plus it’s not quite cheap to do that either.  So i would just suggest for us to keep commenting on the posts or random ones with whatever question or moto moto topic one has and we can easily and readily catch up from there, unless one has a suggestion with which to go forward with this..i am ever so willing to incorporate the idea.


otherwise, till next time, enjoy whatever it is you are doing and…tchüß ❤

Also, what are you guys watching or reading? Anything exciting out there you would HIGHLY recommend??


Die Sommerferien ’17

This has been an interesting summer.  Interesting because i got to celebrate it with my extended family and friends. Last year wasn’t so much fun  because i was preggos and mostly uncomfortable throughout. It was either too hot so not so exciting to move around and try out life threatening adventures like we did this time, or I was just exhausted cos of sleepless or insomnia filled nights. I always ran out of sleep at exactly 4 am and could not go back to bed till morning.Argh that was annoying. I was lucky if i could sleep in the day but that hardly ever happened. Anyways, back to this summer.

We had planned to have our church wedding since early Jan. (As most of you know, i used the family reunion visa to relocate, after having done the civil/AG wedding back in Kenya). So we started sending out invites early enough so those able to come can start saving/plan their off days and vacations to fit in our day…hence family and friends around. We are glad all went well. The planning was exciting. It wasn’t a biiiiig wedding like the normal ones we have back home with about 200 guests. I think at the most we had 30 people( on the extreme higher side). At the church about 20 and a couple more who came to party with us at home. The wedding was lovely. We had lots of fun. The deco was also very great. My schwiegermutter has the eye for deco… so she did an amazeballs job. I could just get a couple ideas from Pininterest and she knew exactly how to incorporate. It worked well.

The Activities

So with our guests, after the wedding, we had planned a couple of activities for a week , where we could take them around. we were also looking for some stuff that i hadn’t done and then we stumbled upon Phantasialand. MY GOSH, i dunno where to start. It is an adventure park..for adults! Ofcourse it has alot of activities for kids too but most of the stuff i would say is for adults…and only those with steel hearts.

The park is located at a place called Brühl, lucky for us it isn’t so far from Duisburg.  We had to get there early in the morning, at 9:00 we were there cos its a tourist destination with people from as far as Belgium and Netherlands, so one has to rise pretty early to beat the long queues. The gates already open but to get to the rollercoasters, one has to wait untill 10:00, when they officially let revellers in after conducting the various test drives. We got there in good time so all was ok. The entrance fee is 47 euros and that entitles you to everything in the park. That’s why it’s also good to go there very early so you can try out as many activities as one possibly can.

We went straight to the new roller coaster at the time(July) called the Taron and I think I have mixed reactions towards it. While waiting to hop in, my pal Mary kept asking me why i wasn’t scared about it and i was all confident asking her what’s there to be scared about. She had gone to the rollercoasters in Dubai and she knew exactly what she was talking about. It was my first, so ofcourse i was like, aaah, it’s no biggie yo.. or so I thought. Wueeeeh. Those speed things are a death sentence. One can easily get a heart attack. 100% not for the faint-hearted. While up there all i wanted was for it to end man. whoever came up with the speed of lightning definition had that in mind. I almost lost my glasses. I’m just lucky they fell on my hands. That thing was fucking fast. Then you kinda feel like you would be thrown off. The rails are way up there in the air, it’s like you are in heaven man. Then they include some crazy ass sound and light effects, the whole program. Twas terrifying i must say. People with height phobias would die when they got there for real. I remember i was completely trembling after disembarking, i had to sit for a couple of minutes to come back to earth.. and i kid you not.





Anyways, besides this ride, there were ofcourse others, there were also some water roller coasters, which were less terrifying. unfortunately after queueing that long for one of the rides and even after getting into, our ride had a technica hitch after like 3 minutes in it, and we had to be ‘rescued’ in the middle of it, lols.Thank God we hadn’t gotten into the wet bit. Although we were already ready to get completely submerged, lols. They have full body dryers, heaters but they aren’t really effective. good thing about the summer, walking around drys the clothes. Next time we know to carry the water-proof covers for bags/fones etc, although there are lockers around the park but then when will you take the pics you know… Vanity will kill us 😉




Then there was this one that i just had no balls to go to. Then thing would flip guys up in a 360 degree turn, then there was fire and water being spit up from below, so you would be suddenly dropped and then just before you hit the ground  fire spits off those monster effigies. My gosh what was that, hahahha, not sure about this kinda fun. I found this abit extreme but then again, it’s actually fun…for other people, hahaha. Wish i was i could share videos here, cos i’m not sure i can explain it perfectly. I literally dreamt about the whole experience. Not sure if it was a nightmare or just a normal dream. Hmmm





There was alot less scary activities and  fun too.  Twas a  great experience nonetheless.

On another day we went to Cologne, and saw the Kölner Dome, the gothic Catehdral. Pretty breathtaking.


Our itinerary included the Rhine and also the Lindt chocolate factory at the back but unfortunately it started raining heavily we couldn’t make it to the other side. We had to run across cologne pushing our tods on prams, lols, it was quite funny. It wasn’t really cold but yea..rain. Kids were actually playing and swimming in the small fountains, lols. Think i would’ve jumped in too if i did not have young man with 🙂




Then ofcourse we went to Netherlands. We don’t live so far, about an hours drive or less to Venlo. Shopping is alil cheaper there, of course for some things, not all. Then would’ve enjoyed more if we were weed smokers but yea…


Then the historical Xanten town was also a highlight of the holiday





For a week i think we tried. We defo also had to hang out with family then add in a couple days we had to nurse hangovers, lols. Twas great.


This is to us Mary.May we celebrate  many many more holidays to come and ofcourse may we drink to many many more sun-downers. ❤


Ps, some pics above were taken by Mary.


Think it would be an abomination not to attend our football games. Our local team, MSV-Duisburg rose to the second Bundesliga, which is very exciting. People really love their football around this side and that love is extremely contagious. It’s always thrilling in the stadium though, a little addictive too. The choreography, singing and dancing around…EPIC!